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Laser Gum Treatments – New generation of Periodontal Treatments

Laser Gum Treatments – New generation of Periodontal Treatments

The development of laser dentistry technology has empowered increased accuracy of laser gum surgery. Read on to find out more about this new era of dental treatments.

Being told that you have a gum infection after a dental checkup is one of the most distraught news your dentist can ever pass to you. Luckily, you do not have to worry, thanks to the emergence of less invasive treatment options such as laser dentistry. The advancement of laser gum treatment technology stands out as an effective way to deal with periodontal diseases. This is a unique breakthrough that continues to undergo further refinement as new research data emerges. Here is a look at some crucial details that you need to know about laser gum treatments.

Digital Planning of Laser Crown Lengthening

Is laser dentistry expensive?

When getting ready for the laser gum contouring treatment, you should also expect to pay more than you would for traditional methods. Laser dentistry Toronto costs more. That does not come as a surprise because of the benefits that patients receive. Some of the benefits include:

ü Minimizing any bleeding

ü Cuts back on the amount of damage to the nearby gum tissue

ü Minimizes bacterial infections

ü Mitigates on the amount of stitching needed

As much as choosing the laser technology has extra dental expenses, you should avoid confusion caused by misconceptions. Most myths often argue that the process costs much more money. However, basic dental treatments involving tooth decay and gum reshaping have negligible cost differences in soft tissue laser dentistry.

Which laser is used in dentistry?

Laser assisted dentistry uses different dental lasers, including:

ü Diode lasers

ü Nd: YAG

ü Erbium lasers

ü CO2

Each of these lasers introduces varying biological effects and dental procedures. As you seek laser-assisted gum treatment, you should set aside time to gain a basic understanding of these categories.

Erbium lasers stand out mainly because the dentist can use them on both hard and soft tissue.

Diode lasers only work on soft tissues.

The NG: YAG lasers best come into play when dealing with periodontal disease.

Choose CO2 when the procedure involves incising tissue to achieve a varying effect.

Do not worry about the technicality behind each of the mentioned lasers. Your dentist will assess and recommend accordingly.

Is laser treatment on teeth safe?

Safety issues stand out as the number one concern among those searching "laser dentistry near me." Whereas these concerns cut across multiple patients, most of them do not hold. In any case, different tests conducted on the laser technology report otherwise.

Generally, using lasers to tackle gum disease proves safer than using a dental tool. The sharpness of dental tools means an accidental slip can scratch or irritate the gum. Of course, dentists will do their best to avoid such accidents. However, you can never prevent that from happening 100%.

Is laser Dentistry painful?

Most people fear laser gum treatment procedures due to uncertainty on whether or not it causes pain. The method completes quickly and more effectively using heat and light. You should not feel any pain during the operation and post-operative.

Since laser dentistry does not cause any pain, the procedure typically completes without local anesthetic.

What does laser dentistry feel like?

As mentioned above, laser dentistry revolutionizes the cosmetic industry. The process should not cause any pain compared to using a dental tool. Patients who have undertaken it report immense benefits.

When taking laser dentistry, you will feel a light sensation rather than pain. You may also feel some cooling. Your mind registers the ongoing activity in your mouth. However, you do not have to deal with pain from the needle.

Furthermore, you do not have to wait for numbing that would introduce an uncomfortable feeling once the numbing wears off. Just trust the dentist, who will get time within no time. Sometimes you may even feel surprised by how fast they completed the procedure.

Will gums grow back after laser surgery?

Gum contouring or laser gum reshaping falls under the permanent dental procedures category. It involves removing any excess gum tissue to reposition the gum line and expose more teeth. The removed gums will not grow back.

Most patients feel relieved due to the longevity that laser surgery provides. It gives them peace of mind because they no longer worry about gums reappearing in the future. The one gum contouring procedure covers all the gummy smiles issues that you had.

Is laser teeth whitening permanent?

The laser technology makes it possible to realize teeth whitening. This procedure stands out as one of the most expensive ways to whiten your teeth. Just like any other teeth whitening undertaking, the results are not permanent.

Laser teeth whitening stands out because patients get results within the shortest time possible. Also, all the work completes in the dental office, and you do not worry about additional home techniques.

How long your teeth remain whitened relies mainly on personal oral care. Avoid drinks that change the teeths' color, such as coffee and soda. However, if you have to take them, consider using a straw to reduce cases of teeth staining.

Before & After Pictures of Laser Gum Contouring and Dental Veneers

Will the gum line grow back?

As gum recession takes place, you should not expect the gum line to grow back naturally. Luckily, you can undertake different treatment options to deal with gum disease and restore the natural gum line.

Visible signs of gum recession often point to the possibility of periodontal disease. Other indicators include:

· Bad breath

· Painful gum line

· Loose teeth

· Visibly shrinking gums

· Swollen gums

· Bleeding when flossing

Do not ignore these signs when they manifest. Schedule an appointment with a dentist for further assessment to receive professional advice.

Does laser gum treatment work?

Dental procedures normally require detailed scaling and root planning, among other procedures. The dentist will go out of their way to ensure that the laser gum treatment offered delivers as expected. Part of this involves keenly following the treatment process.

Different studies done on recipients of laser treatment suggest that the process works. Apart from that, it is safe, and you can confidently count on it for different dental conditions.

What happens when you get your gums lasered?

When the dentist laser's the gums, any extra gum tissue gets removed. Also, the dentist carefully reshapes the gum line to give it an even appearance. You should not feel any pain using this laser technology. You may need some ibuprofen post-operative to take care of any resultant mild pain.

Before & After Pictures of Laser Gum Contouring and Dental Crowns

Why Choose Toronto Smile Design for Laser Gum Treatments?

When it comes to laser gum treatment, you want to make sure that a qualified dentist handles it for you. Dr. Johnson Ozgur is a Toronto Cosmetic Dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery. He has the technical knowledge and practical experience of tackling periodontal diseases, teeth whitening, gum contouring, among others, using laser treatment. Please get in touch with our office today for a professional consultation arrangement.

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