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Broken Root Canal-treated teeth

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Broken Root Canal-treated teeth

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Dental Implant Placement after Teeth Extractions

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Case 19


Mrs. D. came to my clinic as a new patient a couple of months before this trauma. In the initial examination, while I was checking her X-Rays, I detected gaps between the crowns of these broken teeth and the tooth's core. I warned my patient about a possible trauma to these teeth and explained to her the necessity of changing these crowns with the help of two fibre posts. She stated that she had never experienced any issues with these teeth. She didn't want to change these crowns. The inevitable was coming.

A couple of months later, the patient came to my clinic as an emergency patient with two very teeth that I warned her about. My patient broke two anterior teeth, and they were impossible to restore because of the break line. The solution was to extract these teeth and place two dental implants.

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Broken Root Canal-treated teeth

As an Oral Surgeon with years of Cosmetic Dentistry experience, I know that one of the most challenging oral surgery applications is to place two dental implants on a high smile line patient because we don't have the luxury of the lip that can hide every possible gum tissue asymmetry.

I need to extract the teeth a-traumatically and perform a perfect dental implant surgery with an impeccable bone grafting procedure to create a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, because of the gummy smile, any mistake in planning the dental implant procedure can create huge issues resulting in cosmetic dentistry disasters that can't be corrected with implant-supported crowns.

Additionally, to achieve perfect results, a cosmetic dentist must visualize the outcome of the treatment before starting it. On the other hand, an oral surgeon must think twice and cut once. That's why comprehensive planning and a-traumatic oral surgery is the key to success in cases like hers.

First, I started locating the ideal location of the final restorations - Implant-supported crowns and dental crowns (I am changing the other two old crowns too). Next, I am going to provide a smile makeover by touching only four teeth.

The plan was to extract both broken teeth a-traumatically and place immediate dental implants right after the extractions. Unfortunately, when a root canal-treated tooth is broken like that, tooth extraction becomes inevitable. After placing the dental implants, I was going to bone graft the area to minimize the resorption of the bone tissue. Transplanted bone graft always helps with healthy bone growth around the extraction socket. Blood vessels invade the scaffold of the bone grafts and deploy bone production cells into the bone grafting site.

When a tooth breaks in the frontal area, most of the patients' primary concern is the temporary solution while working on the permanent treatment. In her case, I used the other central and lateral incisors to restore the missing teeth area. Then, during six months of healing, she uses a temporary bridge covering the missing teeth area.

After healing the extraction sockets, bone grafting, and the osseointegration of the dental implants, I used dental implants to replace the missing teeth. She requested porcelain veneers on canines and premolars, but I didn't recommend it. She had a beautiful smile. Replacing old crowns and missing teeth was going to be more than enough.

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With Dental Implants --- Implant-Supported Dental Crowns --- Dental Crowns

After replacing these four teeth, the patient and I were delighted. After achieving this excellent outcome, as a Toronto Dentist, we expect our patients to maintain perfect oral hygiene and follow-up visits to our clinic.
I hope you like the result too.

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With Broken Teeth and Old Dental Crowns

After Dental Implants and Dental Crowns

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How much are dental implants in Canada?

In Canada, the average cost of dental implants is around $1800-$2500 per tooth, including the implant material fee. But the price doesn't include the prosthodontics part of the treatment. So, Toronto implant costs for one tooth can vary in Toronto and Ontario, depending on the procedure.

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Dr.Johnson Ozgur - Toronto Smile Design

At Toronto Smile Design Clinic, you can rely on Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Johnson Ozgur to restore your charming smile. Dr. Johnson is a Canada-Licensed Dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery and years of experience and expertise in dental implants. We are obsessed with perfection. To get the best before-and-after dental implant results in Toronto, contact us today!

"Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think."

― Jawaharlal Nehru 

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