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Advances in dental care have not eradicated tooth loss. But just because you lost your tooth doesn’t mean your charming smile and chewing ability are gone forever. Dental bridges can restore authentic smiles.

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What is a Dental Bridge?

As the name suggests, dental bridges close the gap left by missing teeth to restore function and improve aesthetics. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth or pontic with two or more crowns. The crown anchor on adjacent teeth or abutment teeth. Toronto Smile Design custom builds dental bridges using porcelain to blend in with your natural teeth. However, some dentists make their bridges from gold, alloys, and other materials. Your Toronto dentist can recommend implant-supported, cantilever, Maryland, or traditional bridges for smile makeovers.

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Tooth-Supported Dental Bridge

Here are frequently asked questions about dental bridges:

Why do you need a dental bridge?

Tooth loss can do more damage than stealing your beautiful smile. It can distort the shape of your face, affect your speech, and disrupt functions like chewing and biting. The gap can also interfere with your dentals’ structural integrity. Your Toronto dentist can recommend a dental bridge to mitigate these risks and changes. It can restore your smile, functions, and speech and protect your perfectly shaped face. You also need a dental bridge to close the gap and ensure your remaining teeth maintain their position.

What are the types of dental bridges?

There four types of dental bridges used for smile makeovers and general dental care.

Traditional bridges. This type of dental bridge has a pontic with an implant or porcelain crown for the missing tooth on either side.

Implant-supported dental bridges. These replacement teeth are supported by surgically placed implants. Your dentist can use implant-supported bridges with porcelain crowns to replace missing teeth.

Cantilever bridges. If there is only one tooth adjacent to the gap of missing teeth, your dentist can recommend this type of dental bridge.

Maryland bonded bridges. This type of dental bridge has a one-winged pontic with a frame made from metal or porcelain. The pontic is made from porcelain or porcelain fused to metal.

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Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

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Tooth-Supported Dental Bridge

How much do dental bridges cost in Canada?

The cost of dental bridges in Canada varies depending on materials used, missing teeth, complexity, and other variables. However, the type of dental bridge influences the pricing. Maryland, Traditional, and Cantilever bridges cost between $2,000 and $5,000 for one pontic with wings attaching to the abutment teeth. On the other hand, implant bridges can cost you more than $5,000.

Dental bridge vs. implant, what is the difference?

Most people confuse dental implants with dental bridges. They are both permanent solutions used to address tooth loss and restore aesthetics. However, dental bridges are attached to abutments (natural teeth), while implants are fused to the jawbone. With proper care, both dental implants and dental bridges can last for more than 10 years.

 The Process for fitting Dental Bridges

Different types of dental bridges require unique procedures. However, traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bonded bridges share several core steps.

Step 1: Consultation. You can use this appointment to consult with your cosmetic dentist and ensure you are on the same page. Your dentist will use photos and videos for documentation and Digital Smile Design to create a cosmetic dental procedure to guarantee your satisfaction.

Step 2: Preparation. Your Toronto dentist can remove some enamel from abutment teeth for the crown to fit. Your cosmetic dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab or they will mill your teeth using CAD/CAM milling devices on-site to build your bridge. If it is sent to the dental lab, you’ll wear a temporary bridge as you wait for your traditional, cantilever, or Maryland bonded bridges from the lab.

Step 3: Fitting. Your dentist will remove your temporary bridge and replace it with a customized Maryland, Traditional, or Cantilever bridge. This step can last a few hours or a couple of weeks. If you're getting a fixed bridge, your dentist will schedule several visits to cement it permanently in place.

Step 4: Follow up. You will visit your cosmetic dentist for a couple of weeks to align your bite and ensure your dental bridge fits properly. Follow-up is crucial for the longevity of your bridge.


Implant-Supported Dental Bridge & Tooth Supported Dental Bridge

Implant-supported bridges are more expensive and complex than the other types. It is a two-part surgical procedure carried out by dentists with experience in oral surgery like Dr. Johnson. First, your dentist embeds a dental implant in the jawbone. Second, they place the bridge with the crown or replacement teeth. If you wait too long after losing your tooth, you may need a bone graft before the implant. It complicates the implant procedure and can increase the cost. To avoid complications, get your implant-supported bridges as quickly as possible after extractions to avoid bone resorption.

Toronto Dentist Dr. Johnson Ozgur

Whether you need implant-supported or traditional bridges, you can rely on Toronto Smile Design Clinic to deliver transformational smile makeovers. Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Johnson Ozgur is a Toronto Dentist experienced in dental bridges, implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more. He holds a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery. To bridge the gap and restore your charming smile, contact us today!

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