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Embracing the Future: Advantages of Digital Impressions Over Conventional Impression Methods

A trip to the dentist can evoke a variety of emotions, often associated with the archaic discomforts of traditional dental procedures. However, here at Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental, we are proud to be pioneers in embracing cutting-edge technologies that redefine your dental experience. One such innovation we are delighted to spotlight is the practice of 'Digital Impressions,' made possible with the advanced Dentsply Primescan.

What are Digital Impressions? Digital impressions are a modern, efficient method of creating a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. Utilizing advanced digital scanners, like the Dentsply Primescan, we capture a highly accurate, three-dimensional (3D) representation of your teeth and gums. This is a far cry from the old practice of biting down into a tray filled with goopy, uncomfortable impression material.

Conventional Impression Taking

Why Digital Impressions Trump Conventional Impressions

  1. Comfort: If you've experienced traditional dental impressions, you're likely all too familiar with the unpleasant taste and the potential gag reflex. Digital impressions eliminate this discomfort entirely. The process is non-invasive, efficient, and most importantly, comfortable for our patients.

  2. Accuracy: Precision is key in dentistry. Dentsply Primescan, the digital scanner we use for impressions, captures an exact replica of your mouth, reducing the margin of error commonly associated with traditional methods. This ensures a superior fit for restorations, orthodontic appliances, and implant placement, enhancing the longevity and success of your dental treatments.

  3. Efficiency: With digital impressions, your time in the dental chair is significantly reduced. The 3D model of your mouth is generated in real-time, enabling us to begin treatment planning immediately. This means fewer visits and less waiting around for you.

  4. Visualization: The magic of digital impressions lies in their ability to provide a clear, visual understanding of your dental needs. The 3D model can be manipulated and explored from different angles, allowing you to see exactly what your dentist sees. This aids in better communication, comprehension, and satisfaction with your treatment.

  5. Eco-friendly: Digital impressions also champion a greener planet. They eliminate the need for physical impression materials and the associated waste, making them a more sustainable choice.

Digital Impression Taking

Digital Impressions at Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental At our clinic in the heart of Yorkville, we have fully integrated the use of digital impressions into our practice. Our team has been specially trained to utilize the Dentsply Primescan technology for a range of treatments, ensuring you benefit from the highest quality of care.

Whether you're considering dental implants, veneers, crowns, or orthodontic treatment, digital impressions with Dentsply Primescan can enhance your treatment process, the outcome, and your overall experience.

Dentsply Prime Family

Join us at Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental, as we revolutionize the way you experience dentistry. Here, we are committed to leveraging the best of technology to provide you with superior care, comfort, and results. Say goodbye to the goop, and hello to a new era of impressions with Dentsply Primescan!

To schedule an appointment or learn more about how our digital impression technology can benefit you, contact us today. We are excited to help you design your best smile yet.

Keep smiling, and until next time, stay healthy and happy!


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