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Smile Design Cases

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Toronto Cosmetic Dentist - Smile Transfo

Case 10

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porcelain crowns toronto - Crown lengthening surgery

Mrs. J came to our clinic with failing bondings. Her chief concern was the discolouration and size discrepancies of her old restorations. 

When I took her pictures and videos and assessed her functional occlusion, I realized that the first treatment she needs was a periodontal crown lengthening surgery with osteoplasty. After the crown lengthening surgery, we need to wait for the healing and stability of soft tissues before starting the prosthodontic part of her treatment. It may take between two to six months. In this phase of the treatment, I provided temporary crowns to support the soft tissues and the patient to adjust herself to her new look.

Whenever we make even a minor modification in a patient's teeth size, it takes time to adapt themselves. I always request time from patients for them to adjust themselves. After two weeks with provisional crowns, she was so happy with the new size and shape. 

After achieving stability of the pink aesthetics, I switched to the prosthodontic part of her treatments. In her case, four separate crowns were enough to create harmony. I took the final impressions. 

Before Treatment - Smile Picture

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto Smile Transform

Before Treatment - Intraoral Picture

Smile Design and Treatment planning - Periodontal Crown Lengthening Surgery - Porcelain Crowns were provided by Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Johnson Ozgur located in Toronto

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Smile Transfo
Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Porcelain C
Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry - Toronto Por
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Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry - Yorkville D

In this phase of the treatment, communication with the lab technician is crucial. I sent all relevant information about her smile, my design and my treatment plan, along with her final impressions. I want my lab technicians to follow my lead while fabricating and milling the final porcelain crowns.


Moreover, I want my lab technicians to see my patients as humans need smile transformations instead of dental casts need porcelain crowns. 


When we inserted the crowns, she was blown away by the final result. We as restorative team, like it too. I hope you like the outcome of this Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment. 

Porcelain Crowns - Toronto Cosmetic Dent
Porcelain Crowns - Cosmetic Dentist - To
Porcelain Crowns - Cosmetic Dentistry -

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

Alexander Graham Bell

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