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Warranty Terms

Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental Restoration and Implant Warranty Terms & Conditions

Origin of Treatment

This warranty only applies to restorations and dental implants that are provided directly at our Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental practice. Treatments carried out at any other facility or by any other practitioner will not be covered under this warranty.

Exclusions related to Natural Teeth

This warranty does not cover any complications or issues related directly to the patient's natural teeth. For instance, if a crown is provided and the tooth underneath it becomes damaged or broken, this situation is not covered by our warranty.

Exclusions related to External Events

Our warranty does not cover damage or complications arising from external accidents, trauma, or any unforeseen incidents, including but not limited to sports-related accidents (e.g., hockey), vehicular accidents, or any other form of physical trauma. This warranty is intended to cover only regular and routine use of our restorations and implants.

Mandatory Regular Check-ups

In order to qualify for our warranty, patients are required to attend regular dental exams at our Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental practice. Failure to visit our practice for regular exams for a duration of more than six months will result in the immediate voiding of the warranty for any and all restorations and dental implants.

Maintenance and Care

The longevity of dental restorations and implants also depends upon maintaining good oral hygiene practices. Patients who fail to maintain good oral hygiene or who exhibit behaviors that can damage their restorations (like chewing hard objects, opening bottles with teeth, or grinding/clenching) may not be eligible for warranty claims.

Alterations by Other Practitioners

Any alterations, adjustments, or treatments related to the implant or restoration done by another dentist or at another facility, without prior consultation with Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental, will void this warranty.

Medical Conditions & Medications

Our warranty does not cover complications arising from conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, or medications that the patient might be taking which could adversely affect the longevity and success of dental implants or restorations.


The warranty only covers replacement or repair of the failed restoration or implant. It does not cover additional treatments that might be necessary as a consequence of the failure or any consequential or incidental damages.


Patients availing treatments at Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental are advised to thoroughly understand and accept these terms and conditions for the warranty to be applicable. It is our utmost priority to offer the best quality care and service to our patients.

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