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Crown lengthening TORONTO
Laser gum contouring

Whether it is gum disease, broken tooth, dental decay, or gummy smile, laser crown lengthening surgeries can help restore function and aesthetics.

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If our restorations fail, we will replace them at no charge!

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Laser Crown Lengthening - gum contouring

What is Laser Crown Lengthening?

Laser crown lengthening is a dental procedure that uses laser dentistry to reshape the gum line or treat periodontal disease. It is also called laser gum contouring and leverages laser technology to restore smiles and function.


A tooth’s crown extends beyond the gum line. However, your gum line can rest too low and make the teeth look shorter. It can undermine aesthetics and your smile. Toronto Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Johnson can recommend esthetic crown lengthening to even out an uneven gum line. This cosmetic gum contouring procedure can reshape your gums aesthetically and showcase your beautiful teeth. It can improve your appearance and give you a charming smile.

Dentists and periodontists use laser dentistry for crown lengthening to treat periodontal disease. This progressive gum disease can worsen over time, leading to dental decay, oral bleeding, inflammation, and receding gum lines. It also increased the risk of developing other health conditions. With laser gum contouring, your Toronto dentist can treat gum disease and eliminate associated risks.

Laser Crown Lengthening Procedure - by Dr.Johnson

How much is crown lengthening for one tooth?

The cost of crown lengthening for one tooth depends on the extent of the work being done. Laser gum contouring in Toronto can cost you $50-$350 per tooth. If the procedure involves removing excess gum around several teeth, you can pay $1,000 or more.


But does insurance cover crown lengthening cost? Most insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic dental procedures. You’ll have to pay for esthetic crown lengthening out-of-pocket. However, some policies can cover a portion of gum contouring costs if it is medically necessary.

What should you expect during the laser gum contouring procedure?

The laser crown lengthening procedure is an outpatient surgery performed by cosmetic dentists or periodontists in a single office visit. So, you visit your Toronto dentist, get your gums reshaped, and leave after a few hours.

how long does crown lengthening take to

Initial Gum Line - Before Crown Lengthening Procedure

esthetic crown lengthening - Crown Lengt

Facially Driven Digital Smile Design Planning - Ideal Location of the teeth

Consultation. Anyone seeking to reshape the gum line for cosmetic purposes can get laser gum contouring in Toronto. Your dentist will examine your tooth anatomy and consult with you about the best crown lengthening procedures based on your results. They can recommend Gingivectomy to treat gingivitis. You may need Gingival Flap Surgery or Gingivoplasty to treat advanced gum disease.


In Toronto Smile Design, to provide perfect precision, we use digital dentistry to determine the ideal gum line and the exact measurements of gum tissue that needs adjustments. This way, we can achieve perfect "pink aesthetics" alongside "white aesthetics."

Anesthesia. Unlike traditional surgical crown lengthening, laser gum contouring is quick and in the post-operative discomfort, part can be considered pain-free. So, you won’t need to be asleep for the procedure. However, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area being treated before aesthetic crown lengthening surgery.

crown lengthening procedure - Crown Leng

Ideal Location of the gum line - Before Laser Crown Lengthening

Contouring. During crown lengthening surgery, your dentist will use a laser to reshape your gums with pinpoint accuracy. The laser is directed only to targeted areas of the gums, guarantying a high degree of precision. Using a laser instead of a traditional surgical scalpel reduces the risk of crown lengthening complications, invading biological width and infection symptoms.


Some dentists can rule you out as a candidate for laser gum contouring based on the location of your cementoenamel junction (CEJ). However, Toronto Smile Design Clinic uses state-of-the-art laser dentistry and Digital Smile Design. Your Toronto dentist can combine gum contouring with porcelain veneers to improve your smile.


Aftercare Instructions. Your Toronto dentist will give some instructions to hasten healing after laser gum contouring. You’ll need to brush lightly, avoid hot foods, and reduce stress on your jaws for the first 24 hours.

Crown Lengthening - how much is crown le

The difference between the ideal gum line and the initial situation

Laser Crown Lengthening - gum contouring

The precise amount that will be adjusted

Digital Treatment Planning for Crown Lengthening and Dental Veneers

Digital Treatment Planning for Crown Lengthening Surgical Guide

how to fix a gummy smile.007.jpeg

Crown Lengthening Surgical Guide

how to fix a gummy smile.020.jpeg

Crown Lengthening Case Before - After

how to fix a gummy smile.022.jpeg

Crown Lengthening Case Before - After

gummy smile.005.jpeg

Before Crown Lengthening & Dental Veneers

After Crown Lengthening & Dental Veneers

Before Crown Lengthening & Dental Veneers

After Crown Lengthening & Dental Veneers

Listen to the Crown Lengthening and Dental  Veneers Experience from Our Patient!

How much is crown lengthening for one tooth?

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, laser crown lengthening is painless and less invasive. It does not involve stitches, which shortens the recovery time. Recovery after laser gum contouring takes one or two days, while traditional procedures take around three months. To shorten your gum contouring recovery time, follow your dentist’s instructions and avoid strenuous chewing and grinding after the surgery. You don't need to use saline rinse for gum tissue healing after the procedure.

Laser gum contouring should be performed by qualified dentists. The risk of crown lengthening infection symptoms increases if your dentist did a shoddy job. To avoid crown lengthening complications such as gum recession and soft tissue inflammation, choose an experienced dentist for gum contouring in Toronto. You can search online “gum contouring surgery near me.” Then, analyze the expertise of each dental clinic on your search result, gum contouring healing smile transformation case pictures and choose the most qualified dentist. To get the best gum contouring before-and-after results in Toronto, look no further than Toronto Smile Design Clinic.

Why Toronto Smile Design Clinic?

At Toronto Smile Design, Dr. Johnson Ozgur combines Digital Smile Design and state-of-the-art laser dentistry to restore smiles. Dr. Johnson is a Canada-Licensed dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery and years of experience in laser crown lengthening. You can rely on Toronto Smile Design Clinic and Dr. Johnson’s expertise for a safe and painless procedure. To get the best gum surgery before and after results, contact us today!

Laser Crown Lengthening - gum contouring

Before Crown Lengthening Surgery and Porcelain Veneers

gum contouring toronto - Crown Lengtheni

Before Smile Makeover

After Crown Lengthening Surgery and Porcelain Veneers

gum contouring - gum contouring healing.

After Smile Makeover

Initial Situation

Mock-Up (Test Drive of Digital Smile Design)

After Crown Lengthening and Porcelain Veneers

Toronto Oral Surgeon Dr.Johnson

Why Choose Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental for Laser Gum Treatments?

When it comes to laser gum treatment, you want to make sure that a qualified dentist handles it for you. Dr. Johnson Ozgur is a Toronto Cosmetic Dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery. He has the technical knowledge and practical experience of tackling periodontal diseases, teeth whitening, gum contouring, among others, using laser treatment. Please get in touch with our office today for a professional consultation arrangement.

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