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Smile Design Cases

Cosmetic dentist toronto

Case 13

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Gum contouring procedure - porcelain crowns toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Porcelain C

Before Treatment - Smile Picture with old, ill-fitting Dental Bridge

Miss L. found us with the referral of one of her friends. She has such an energetic personality, and she is a fantastic tattoo artist. The reason for writing that, in the beginning, is it is fun to work with patients who appreciate the importance of the designing and planning phases of any artistic work. 

She came with an old, ill-fitting dental bridge on her central and lateral incisors. Her gums were irritated from that old porcelain bridge. The worst thing about this bridge was pushing onto the interdental gum tissues and making it impossible to clean between the teeth in the area. She was so dissatisfied with the bridge, and her gums were bleeding anytime she touches them. She also wasn't happy with her smile in general, and she requested me to resolve both issues. 

As a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto, I started the Smile Transformation with Digital Smile Design Documentation, smile designing and treatment planning the case with new dental porcelain crowns. If you want to learn how I  do it, you can click and check the link. 

Dental Crowns Toronto - Cosmetic Dentist

Digital Smile Design of the Case

Before Treatment - Video with old, ill-fitting Porcelain Dental Bridge

After Treatment - Video with new full-contour porcelain crowns

After designing the case and sharing it with my dental lab, I received my treatment prototype from my dental technician. 3D printed dental models have been helping us for decades, and I love to use 3D printing in dentistry. 

I transferred my design to her mouth using temporary dental crown and dental veneer materials. After the second photoshoot, she watched her new smile as a prototype on my screen, and she wanted to start immediately. 

I changed the gum line with a laser gum contouring procedure. After that, I prepped her teeth for porcelain crowns in Toronto. We used digital dentistry protocols, CAD/CAM technologies to mill her dental porcelain crowns. I provided 10 Full Porcelain Dental Crowns. With our patient's request, we fabricated them whiter than the lower because she wants to continue with lower veneers. Who knows? Maybe we can update this page soon! 

Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Crow

Before Smile Transformation with old dental bridge

After Smile Transformation with new Porcelain Crowns in Toronto

Toronto Cosmetic Dentist - Smile Makeove

Before Smile Design

After Smile Design in Toronto

Porcelain Crowns - Smile Design - Cosmet
Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Smile Design

Before Smile Makeover

After Smile Makeover

Toronto Smile Design - Smile Transformat

Digital Smile Design and Treatment planning - Periodontal Crown Lengthening Surgery (Laser Gum Contouring Procedure) - Porcelain Crowns were provided by Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Johnson Ozgur located in Toronto

Smile Design Toronto - Cosmetic Dental T

After Smile Rehabilitation by Cosmetic Dentist / Oral Surgeon Dr. Johnson Ozgur

Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry - Toronto Por
Toronto Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Makeo
Smile Rehabilitation Toronto - Toronto D

Smile Transformation in Toronto

After cementation, she was so happy with the result. We became followers of each other on Instagram and every day, I see her new perfect smile! This experience is one of the best things about my profession as a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto. 

I hope you like the Smile Transformation too. 

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”


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