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Smile Design Cases

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Case 16


cosmetic dentist Toronto - Porcelain crowns in toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Porcelain Crowns_edited.jpg

Initial Smile Picture

Mrs.T. came to our Toronto Dental Office for a Cosmetic Dentistry consultation. She had multiple concerns. One of them was crowding on her maxilla (upper jaw). The other problem of her was her old dental crowns and the look of her natural teeth.

They weren't matching with natural teeth, both colour-wise or shape-wise. Her last primary concern was the worn-out front teeth; she wasn't showing enough natural teeth. She had gum recessions (receding gums), but luckily, she wasn't showing the gum line in the widest smile pictures and videos.

Her overall dental health and oral hygiene were good. There were no early-stage gum diseases (periodontal diseases), no need for deep cleaning and root planning. Supporting bone was healthy. There was no tooth loss and no need for dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Smile Transformation_edited.jpg

Digital Smile Design Planning of the Smile Transformation Patient

She was meticulous about her dental care. She had never experienced emergency dental treatment. She had no broken tooth, but she had a dental bridge, all types of crowns, fillings and root canal treatments.

As a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto, I feel safe to start to smile rehabilitation with the Digital Smile Design protocol regardless of the issue. With this unique Cosmetic Dentistry technique, we can assess everything about our patients' smiles. We, as smile designers, can design and evaluate the smile transformation before we start the treatment.

Before Digital Smile Design Mock-up - Initial Smile Video

After Digital Smile Design Mock-up - Test-Drive Smile Video

A smile makeover is a big step in a person's life. That's why we need to take every step carefully. In our smile design centre, we need to be sure about our treatment plan and the aesthetic outcome of our cosmetic dentistry treatment. Our smile makeover treatments, our smile designs need to satisfy our patients' emotional needs too.

With the Digital Smile Design process, as a Toronto Dentist, I start the process by obtaining exceptional documentation about my patients. First, we take pictures, videos and impressions. Then, with the data I got from our patient, we digitalize the case and design her new smile with Digital Dentistry tools. With the help of these tools, we can predict the outcome of our treatments impeccably.

After designing her smile, w sent the digital documentation to our lab, and they transferred our 2D Smile Design to the 3D platform and printed the "Smile Design Prototype." Using this prototype, we can transfer this smile makeover to the patients' mouths and show them the proposed change.

She was blown away with the mock-up (test drive) of her new smile! We aligned them with minor adjustments. First, we designed them longer, and that's why we needed to open her bite to accommodate the new anterior guidance with porcelain crowns.

Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Porcelain Crowns Toronto.jpeg
TorontoCosmetic Dentistry - Dental Bridge Toronto.jpeg

Before Smile Transformation in Toronto

After Smile Transformation in Toronto

Toronto Cosmetic Dentist- Toronto Porcelain Crowns.jpeg

Before Smile Design

After Smile Design in Toronto

Toronto Cosmetic Dentist- Porcelain Crowns Toronto.jpeg

Before Smile Makeover

After Smile Makeover in Toronto

We presented our treatment plan to our patient, explained it, and answered her questions about the treatment plan. Her dental crowns were old porcelain fused to metal crowns, and I planned to change them to all-ceramic crowns. There was no need for additional periodontal treatments because she had no concerns about her gums. After that, she wanted to start the smile transformation process immediately.

After preparing her teeth with minimally invasive natural tooth prepping techniques for the new all-ceramic crowns, we provided her with 3D-printed temporary crowns looking exactly like the final crowns (except the shade).

Before Smile Makeover in Toronto

After Smile Makeover in Toronto

We took impressions for dental crowns and sent them to our Digital Dental Lab. From this point, our dental lab team has all the information they need. They already designed the smile makeover case with the Digital Smile Design protocol. They need to achieve perfect smiles to copy the initial smile design and transfer it to our porcelain crowns.

They use digital dental lab scanners to transfer the conventional impressions to digital information. After that, they use the initial digital wax-up to design and manufacture the final dental crowns. With that design, they mill the final all-ceramic crowns using dental CAD/CAM technologies. After custom-shading and sintering the crowns, porcelain crowns are ready to insert.

Smile Rehabilitation - Porcelain Crowns - Dental Bridge Toronto.jpeg

Before Smile Design

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Smile Rehabilitation.jpeg

Before Smile Design

Toronto Cosmetic Dentist- Dental Bridge.jpeg

Before Smile Design

After Smile Design in Toronto

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Smile Makeover.jpeg

Before Smile Makeover

After Smile Makeover in Toronto

In try-in sessions, we freeze our patients when they have vital teeth. We want them to experience the pain-free and the best porcelain crown experience we can provide. After freezing is achieved, we remove temporary crowns and insert the permanent dental crowns. With minor adjustments, we loved the final porcelain crowns.

Finally, following our patient's approval, we inserted the dental crowns in Toronto. She was so happy with the result. In the control session after insertion of the all-ceramic crowns, she told me that she checked the initial smile design test-drive pictures, and they were the same! She was thrilled with the precision we provided.

TorontoCosmetic Dentistry - Toronto Porcelain Crowns.jpeg

Final Smile Picture

Designing is the key to success. We need to foresee the results before we start. In this day and age of Digital Dentistry, we have every tool we need to achieve predictable cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery results.

Dr.Johnson Ozgur - Cosmetic Dentist - Oral  Surgeon - Toronto Smile Design.JPEG

Smile is a dynamic process, and we need to plan everything using high-end digital dentistry tools. To enjoy all the benefits that cosmetic dentist Toronto Dr.Johnson provides, choose Toronto Smile Design Clinic. Dr.Johnson has years of experience in porcelain crowns and comprehensive smile rehabilitation cases. He designs new smiles with a fully digital dentistry approach. You can rely on Toronto Smile Design to restore your perfect smile. To see your "Smile Design Test Drive," contact us today!

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”

– Confucius

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