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Smile Design Cases

Case 2

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Veneer Toronto Pre-op - Before Smile Pic

The patient came to my clinic with a vertical root fracture on the left lower first molar. His chief concern was the pain radiating from that particular tooth. 

When I completed the exam, I realized that he had occlusion problems, soreness in the cheeks, clicking noises on TMJ, and that was the probable cause of his fractured tooth. 

I offered him to a Digital Smile Design comprehensive assessment. We needed to surface the underlying cause of his issues. He accepted my offer.

His anterior teeth were worn out. He had stains on the surfaces of his teeth. In conclusion, he had significant issues esthetically. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Real issues were lying below. 

When I transfer his bite and impressions to an articulator (a device mimics patients' jaw movements), I realized that he has centric relation (relation between upper and lower jaws) and centric occlusion (relation between teeth of both jaws) discrepancies. This relationship gap was the primary cause of his issues. 

Veneer Toronto Pre-op - Smile Design Pic
Veneer Toronto Pre-op - Before Picture.p

Like my Dear Mentor Christian Coachman says, every Smile Design must rely on a solid functional treatment plan. When I saw the need for changing the bite, I explained his situation and the need for a comprehensive treatment plan to him; he accepted my treatment plan. 


I provide a bridge in the lower right and left side to resolve missing teeth. Also, I give Table-top onlays on occlusal areas and crowns on anterior teeth.


The result was fantastic. The patient was super comfortable with the outcome of our treatment, both functionally and esthetically. 

Veneer Toronto Pre-op - Before Smile Pic
Veneer Toronto Pre-op - Before Picture.p
Veneer Toronto Post-op - After Smile Pic
Veneer Toronto Post-op - After Picture.p

a quote from Steve Jobs comes to my mind; people don't know what they want until you show it to them...

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