Smile Design Cases

Case 4

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Veneer Toronto - Pre op - Intraoral Pic

The patient visited our clinic with generalized recessions, sensitivity, missing teeth and a luxating tooth. Additionally, he wasn't satisfied with the colour of his teeth. He wanted to have "the whitest teeth ever". 

We discussed the treatment plan options. 

I recommended the extraction of luxating central incisor, two three-unite bridges, one in front, one in the back, and crowns on others. 

The biggest advantage for us was lip dynamics. No matter how hard he tries, he can't show the gum-line. With that advantage, he didn't accept periodontal augmentation surgery which was understandable.  

I didn't prefer veneers for two reasons. First, his occlusion wasn't the ideal occlusion on especially on the posterior area. Second, because of the gingival recessions, dentin tissue was exposed. To provide strong attachments between veneers and teeth, we need to cement veneers on enamel tissue. He doesn't have enamel on root surface. So I recommended crowns instead of veneers.