While your beautifully sculptured front teeth present your charming smile to the world, wisdom teeth do the heavy lifting behind the scene away from the glamour.

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What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that appear in the late teens. They are the last adult teeth to emerge and grow on the upper and lower jaw. But does everyone have wisdom teeth? For most people, one to four wisdom teeth come out between the ages of 17 and 25.

However, some people don't have a single wisdom tooth. Because these molars come out last, they may not find enough space to grow comfortably like other teeth.

Congestion can lead to misalignment, pain, infection, and other problems. To relieve pain and protect oral health, your Toronto dentist can recommend surgery to remove or extract impacted wisdom teeth. Here is everything you need to know about wisdom tooth removal.

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Impacted Wisdom Tooth with Dentigerous Cyst

When do you need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Toronto Dentist Dr.Johnson may recommend wisdom tooth extraction for several reasons. Here are four reasons that can create issues that lead to removing your third molars:

Impacted wisdom tooth. Think of your mouth as a party venue. The last guests to arrive may not get the best seats or enough room to enjoy the party. Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to emerge and may have to squeeze into available space.

If you don’t have enough room, wisdom teeth can be impacted or get stuck in your jawbone or gums. Your Toronto dentist can remove impacted teeth to relieve pain and improve functions.

Misaligned tooth. Teeth have to be aligned and healthy to fulfill their duties. However, your wisdom teeth can come out at the wrong angle due to a lack of space. A misaligned tooth presses against adjacent teeth, leading to pain, bad breath, tooth cavities and food impaction. This can affect the effectiveness of oral hygiene applications.

Congestion in the mouth. Tightly squeezed teeth can cause discomfort or undermine functions like chewing. Your dentist can recommend wisdom tooth removal to decongest your mouth. 

Tooth infection. If your wisdom tooth gets infected, you may need to extract the affected tooth to protect healthy teeth. To avoid complications, visit your dentist as soon as symptoms of wisdom tooth infection appear. The main infected wisdom tooth symptoms are pain and swelling in the wisdom teeth area.

But how will you know when to remove wisdom teeth? Pain may indicate underlying dental issues. Don’t ignore persistent or recurring wisdom tooth pain. You can visit Toronto Smile Design Clinic to diagnose impacted or infected wisdom teeth symptoms and address them promptly.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth is blocking the eruption of second molar.

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Wisdom Teeth with cavities.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

On average, wisdom tooth extraction can cost you $200 to $850 in Toronto, depending on the removal procedure's complexity. For example, extracting impacted teeth stuck in your jawbone may cost more than a misaligned tooth. So, the level of impact and extraction procedures determine the final price.

What to expect during Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is the surgical removal of teeth. It is an outpatient surgery, so you visit your Toronto dentist, get the tooth removed, and leave after a few hours.

Diagnosis. Your Toronto dentist will conduct a physical examination or use an X-ray for an impacted tooth stuck in your jawbone.

Local Anesthesia. Before extracting the tooth, you’ll be sedated to ensure you don’t feel any pain. Your dentist can use local anesthesia and sedation to ease the dental anxiety, which wears off after the surgery. You will wake and regain feeling in your mouth.

Guidance. Your dentist will prescribe some painkillers, antibiotics, mouth rinse if needed and give you instructions such as what to eat after wisdom tooth removal.

Although you’re not prohibited from driving after the surgery, you should find someone else to take you home.

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Wisdom Tooth with Cavity and Wisdom tooth infection

What should you eat and avoid after wisdom teeth removal?

Ensure you follow your dentist's instructions on what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal to recover quicker. You can eat very soft foods for the first few days, such as soup, pudding, mashed potatoes, and smoothies to keep the extraction site clean. You should avoid eating spicy foods.


The idea is to get the nutrition to support self-healing without excessive chewing.

You also need to stay hydrated to hasten your recovery after wisdom teeth removal. Your Toronto dentist will provide specific instructions on what you should avoid, such as hard nuts or seeds, chewing gum, and hot foods. Smoking is also not recommended it will jeopardize the healing process. It only takes 2-4 days to recover after wisdom teeth removal.

You may experience swelling and bruising. So, you can quit smoking for four days, chewing gums (it can dislodge the blood clot), and other habits for a few days. You shouldn't brush your teeth on the day of your surgery.

Like any other surgical procedure, your dentist’s expertise can also determine how many days you’ll need to recover. If you are looking for a Toronto Dentist for wisdom teeth removal, look no further than Toronto Smile Design Clinic.

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Horizontally Impacted Wisdom Tooth with bone loss on second molar

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Partially impacted Wisdom Tooth with Infection 

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