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Dr. Cansin (Johnson) Ozgur, a distinguished figure in the world of cosmetic dentistry, holds an illustrious educational background that laid the foundation for his exceptional career. A proud alumnus of Istanbul University's Faculty of Dentistry, he further honed his expertise by obtaining a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry, one of Istanbul's prestigious institutions. His commitment to academia and clinical excellence propelled him beyond the borders of his native country, leading him to Toronto, Canada, where he currently practices as a licensed dentist.

Dr. Ozgur's professional journey is marked by a significant milestone as he stands as the sole Digital Smile Design Instructor (DSD Instructor) in Canada. This unique position underscores his proficiency and pioneering role in integrating digital technologies with aesthetic dentistry. Since 2015, Dr. Ozgur has been at the forefront of advancing the Digital Smile Design Protocol, imparting his knowledge and expertise through lectures and hands-on courses. His contributions to the field are not just limited to technological advancements; they also encompass a deep understanding of oral surgery, further enriching his practice and teaching.

At the heart of Toronto's Yorkville, Dr. Ozgur founded Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental, a private practice that embodies his vision for modern, patient-centered cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. His clinic is renowned for its innovative approach, leveraging the latest in dental technologies to provide exceptional care beyond the realms of general dentistry.

Beyond his clinical and technological contributions, Dr. Ozgur also plays a pivotal role in the educational domain, albeit not in a conventional classroom setting. His commitment to the future of dentistry transcends his own practice, as he engages in mentoring emerging dental professionals and colleagues. Through workshops, seminars, and informal mentorship, he disseminates his vast knowledge on cosmetic dentistry and digital smile design, fostering a learning environment that encourages innovation and excellence in dental care.

Dr. Cansin (Johnson) Ozgur's career is a testament to his passion for dental excellence, his embrace of technology in enhancing patient smiles, and his dedication to the broader dental community through education and mentorship.

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Toronto Smile Design provides sophisticated dental services with ultramodern Digital Dentistry techniques, implementing unprecedented quality of dental care. If you are looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto, contact us today to see your "Smile Design Test Drive." Wouldn't you want to see how your new smile looks before you dedicate yourself to it? 

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