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Smile Design Cases

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Case 15

Dental Implants - implant crown - implant bridge

Toronto Dental Implants - Best Dental Implants Toronto .jpeg

Before Dental Implants & Implant-Supported Bridges and Porcelain Crowns

Mrs. D. came to our clinic with extensive bone loss around her anterior teeth. The anterior natural teeth were moving, and tooth loss was inevitable. Regardless of the treatment, we start our Smile Makeover cases with Digital Smile Design in our dental centre.

Overall oral health and oral hygiene were acceptable. After the Smile Design process, we knew that we need to extract the mobile teeth and think about replacement teeth for long-term stability. When we think about an alternative solution to removable dentures, dental implants and implant-supported crowns were the ultimate solutions.

As a Cosmetic Dentist with an Oral Surgery master's degree, I can look at Cosmetic Dentistry cases more comprehensively. I always finish the smile transformation cases digitally on the computer.

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Intraoral Picture - Before Dental Implants

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Radiography - Before Dental Implants

First, I want to visualize the outcome of my treatment on my patients' faces. Then, if my treatment plan contains dental implants, I project the exact location of the implants before starting the dental implant procedure. In this day and age, dental care requires digital dentistry tools and techniques to achieve predictably.

In the end, to achieve perfect aesthetic dentistry results, we need to place our dental implants according to the final position of our dental implant crowns. In our dental office, angulation of tooth root or the volume of the bone are the least of our concerns when it comes to ideal dental implants. Tooth replacement is a multi-factorial procedure, and we need to assess everything thoroughly.

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Implant-Supported Screw-Retained Temporary Bridge

Dental Implants - Toronto Dental Implants.jpeg

Radiography - After Dental Implant Procedure

In her case, I planned to place four dental implants on the anterior maxilla (upper jaw) and two dental implants on each side on the mandible (lower jaw). When it comes to prosthodontics, I project implant-supported bridges on them. For lower anterior teeth, we decided to provide teeth whitening.

Since these implants were in the anterior zone, I would never let my patient leave our dental office without temporary implant crowns, implant-supported bridges or partial removable dentures.

Most significant luck that Mrs. D. had was she had perfect bone volume both vertically and horizontally. To assess bone volume, we use Cone Beam CTs. With 3D imaging of the bone, there is no room for error in the implant procedure. This opportunity lets us place long, primarily stable implants and eventually implant-supported temporary bridges.

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Before Dental Implant Procedure / Smile Transformation

After Dental Implant Procedure / Smile Transformation

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Before Smile Makover with Implants

how much do dental implants cost.jpeg

After Smile Makover with Implants

The dental implant procedure started with local anesthesia; I don't want my patients to feel anything. I love pain-free dentistry. We can use oral sedatives or nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to ease the anxiety of our patients. After freezing the surgical zone, I extracted natural mobile teeth using atraumatic oral surgery techniques.

Following the extraction, I started placing implants with bone grafts on the extraction site according to our initial treatment plan and smile design. I took the impressions for temporary implant-supported bridges. The clock started ticking. Preferably, we want to insert temporary bridges and crowns in the first 24 hours of implant placement.

oral surgeon toronto - dental implants toronto.jpeg

Before Smile Rehabilitation 

After Smile Rehabilitation

yorkville oral surgery - dental implant toronto.jpeg

Before Smile Rehabilitation

After Smile Rehabilitation

Dental Implants Near me - Oral Surgeon near me.jpeg

Before Dental Implants / Smile Makeover

Oral surgeon toronto - Yorkville Oral Surgeon - Dental Implants Toronto.jpeg

After Dental Implants / Smile Makeover

Before Smile Design with Implants

After Smile Design with Implants

Digital Smile Design and Treatment planning - Dental Implant Procedure - Bone Grafting Procedure - Implant-Supported Bridges were provided by Toronto Cosmetic Dentist and Toronto Oral Surgeon Dr.Johnson Ozgur 

My dental lab milled temporary screw-retained implant-supported bridges in a couple of hours, and I screwed them in, and four months waiting period started.

After four months of healing, we started producing implant-supported porcelain bridges by taking final intraoral digital impressions with Dentsply Sirona Omnicam intraoral scanner. My lab milled the permanent implant-supported dental bridges. I inserted the final screw-retained crowns/bridges in.

Seeing new beautiful smiles in my dental office has always been the highlight of my day. The key to success is designing and planning every case before any treatment. Chairside must be the last place for us to make decisions.

dental implants near me - dental implants yorkville.jpeg
Oral Surgeon Yorkville - Dental Implants - Toronto Dental Implants.jpeg
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Dr.Johnson Ozgur - Cosmetic Dentist - Oral  Surgeon - Toronto Smile Design.JPEG

Smile is a dynamic process, and we need to plan everything using dynamic documentation and high-end digital dentistry tools. To enjoy all the benefits that Toronto Dentist Dr.Johnson provides, choose Toronto Smile Design Clinic. Dr.Johnson has years of experience in Dental Implants, Bone Augmentation Surgeries, Dental Implant Prosthodontics and comprehensive smile rehabilitation cases. He designs new smiles with a fully digitally-guided dentistry approach. You can rely on Toronto Smile Design to restore your perfect smile. To see your "Smile Design Test Drive," contact us today!

“Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent return on energy!”

― Brian Tracy

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