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Case 5

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Initial Interview

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This patient had removable partial dentures. She wanted to have a fixed solution. We started planning the case for a perfect test-drive experience. In the test-drive "mock-up" session she had the opportunity to see the final design in her mouth. We finished the designing process and dental lab printed the final design's prototype using 3D printers. 

After that, we transferred the design using special temporary prosthodontics materials. 

This application gives a unique experience to our patients. 

Regardless of what we plan to provide, designing and showing the final outcome of a treatment is a unique application dentistry. 

This "test-drive" experience helps us to provide the facially-driven, cosmetically perfect, functionally impeccable results. 

3D Printed Model - Smile Design Makeover - Toronto Veneers

3D Printed Design - Digital Wax Up

Initial Situation

toronto porcelain veneer - mock up- smil

Mock - Up 

In the mock-up session, we can see the the change. We can examine the dimensions perfectly. We can understand that whether the new smile fits our patient or not. 

I know, it doesn't look perfect because they are one single piece of temporary plastic. It is not as shiny and ideal as the final result but even this improvement gives us a distinct idea about the possible end result and the impact of this end result on the patient appearance. 

Initial Situation

Mock - Up 

We don't want our patients to see the change on 2D pictures.

We want them to "test-drive" their new smile before they make a final decision...

Initial Situation

toronto smile makeover - smile design to

Final Result

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Whenever we fabricate our final veneers, crowns or provide bonding or any aesthetic procedure, we want the final result to look as natural as possible. To do that, we use natural teeth morphology as a guide either digitally or conventionally. 

Initial Situation

Sound ON!

Final Result

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