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Smile Design Cases

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Case 11

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Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Veneer Toront

Miss T is a colleague of mine. She had one crown and a bridge in her anterior zone. The size and shape were off, and it was disturbing her. After witnessing what I was providing to my patients as a surgeon and a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto, she wanted to have a Cosmetic Dentistry consult with me. 

In the first consult, I took her pictures, videos and impressions. The clock started ticking for us. We need to design the case using Digital Smile Design protocols, construct a solid treatment plan with Cosmetic Dentistry approach that can be implementable and print the 3D models of her new smile transformation try-inn. 

I designed the case using a facially driven cosmetic dentistry approach. Usually, as dentists, we tend to focus on the patients' teeth too much and forget to focus on the big picture. We need to use our patients' faces to achieve the best cosmetic dentistry results. In the design phase, I wanted to move her teeth towards the gingival margin, provide her laser crown lengthening surgery, and achieve perfect harmony. Also, I planned to make them longer (as functionally possible as possible) to change the patient's appearance. 

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Before Treatment - Smile Picture

Digital Smile Design of the Case

Cosmetic Dentist Toronto - Veneer Toront

Before Treatment - Intraoral Picture

Smile Design and Treatment planning - Periodontal Crown Lengthening Surgery - Porcelain Crowns - Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Bridge were provided by Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Johnson Ozgur located in Toronto

Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Smile Desig
Smile Transformation Toronto - Toronto C
Veneers Toronto - Toronto Cosmetic Denti

Smile Transformation - Before After Video Documentation

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Final Smile of the Smile Makeover Case 

Toronto Veneers - Smile Makeover - Cosme

In the test-drive session, I transferred our initial plan to her mouth to see whether our final goal works or not. All of the team and the patient loved the new look. She was impressed with our Cosmetic Dentistry approach. She wanted us to proceed. 

I changed the gingival margin, prepped the teeth with a minimally invasive approach, and took the impressions. After that, since we have an initial plan to follow, the dental technicians have everything they need. They are transferring the initial smile design to the final smile makeover. Regardless of what you are using (porcelain crowns, bonding, porcelain veneers, porcelain bridges), I call this phase "Copy-Paste Dentistry". We are copying the first smile design to the final smile transformation. 

I inserted the porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges in a week, and the patient delivered her new smile in days! 

She was delighted with the result, both aesthetically and functionally. I hope you like it too.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto - Toronto Ven

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