The smile design process is a dentistry method that helps patients by providing them healthy, confident and beautiful smiles by imitating nature. 


Most of the population thinks that to design a patient's smile; Dentists have to prep the original dentition by putting on veneers or porcelain restoration. However, Smile design processes can involve orthodontic treatments, veneers, crowns, bonding, periodontal surgeries, orthognathic surgeries, implants and also functional TMJ treatments.


In conclusion, the Smile Design Process is a comprehensive approach to treat patients' aesthetic concerns. 

our patients must be involved in decision-making process

Our patients must be involved in the decision-making process. Needless to say that in dentistry, there are maybe tens, maybe hundreds of different treatment approaches for a single case. We, as dentists, have to show the outcome of our aesthetic dentistry treatments in advance. 

Would you buy a car without seeing, driving and feeling it? You need the test-drive experience to decide between buying or rejecting. In Dentistry, nothing is different. Patients have every right to see the outcome of their treatment before they decide to start the treatment process before anyone touches their teeth. 

In the first appointment of the Smile Design process, we acquire necessary documentation from the patient, such as pictures, videos and impressions.  After obtaining them, we analyze every information thoroughly. With the guidance of this analysis, we design the new facially-driven smile either on an iPad or a computer. 

After having a design for the new smile, we share this new design with the team involved in our possible treatment plan to discuss and manufacture a prototype for every individual patient. If our prototype treatment can be supported by a solid treatment plan and satisfy the patients' needs, we decide to show our project to our patients. 

In the second appointment, we apply this prototype to patients' mouth using provisional materials, and we call this "test-drive experience." In this session, patients can see the change in their faces before they begin. They can "test-drive" their new smiles in front of cameras, and perceive the difference on their faces, which can be achieved by our treatment on a before-after setup. 

If I were the patient who is willing to have a healthy and confident smile, I would personally want to experience everything before I decide anything. Wouldn't you?

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