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Premium Cosmetic Dentistry  in Yorkville / Toronto

Everybody deserves the perfect smile. At Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental, Dr. Johnson leverages advanced solutions to deliver beautiful smiles. Dr. Johnson has a Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery with years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, dental implant dentistry and oral surgery. Patients in the greater Toronto area rely on Dr. Johnson’s expertise in porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, dental implants, and sedation dentistry. 

Besides the treatments above, Dr. Johnson can perform wisdom teeth removal, root canal, and general dentistry. Don’t allow tooth loss, dental decay, cracks, chips, and stains to undermine your charming smile. Seek our premium cosmetic dentistry services to address these conditions. 

A beautiful smile can enhance the facial appearance and boost confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Johnson combines cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery to improve oral health and smiles. Each treatment plan is customized to meet patients’ unique dental needs. You can take your new smile for a test drive before Dr. Johnson completes the procedure.   

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Smile Design - Cosmetic Dentist You Can Trust

Finding an experienced cosmetic dentist in Toronto who can assist you with dental restorations and treatment can be quite challenging. That is why many choosy patients who know what they want consider cosmetic dentists like Dr. Johnson. Having been in the dental care field for more than 13 years, he is proud to have helped dozens of Smile Design’s patients. We treat with experience, expertise, and professionalism, giving every patient that walks through our doors a smile that reflects their true personality.


No matter who you are, your lifestyle, or your dental challenge, a consultation with Dr. Johnson is a step in the right direction. You’ll quickly realize his unwavering commitment to meeting your needs and dedication to his craft.

Love Your Smile Again
At Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental

Getting professional cosmetic dental care is what you need, and we’re here to provide it. Your health, well-being, and smile matter to us. You can rely on Toronto Smile Design’s cosmetic dental treatment services in Toronto to give you the dental treatment you deserve. Our professional cosmetic dentist can be trusted due to his vast dental transformation experience.


As a skilled dental artist, Dr. Johnson combines passion with his experience to provide personalized dental care service to patients. Every treatment here at Toronto Smile Design is custom-tailored to meet patients’ specific needs. We understand that the one-fits-all approach can not work in our field because every smile is specially distinctive.

Our commitment to personalized patient care helps us create dental treatment outcomes that leave patients in radiant smiles. 

Here at Toronto Smile Design, we offer an array of college-registered treatments from general dentistry to advanced cosmetic procedures to help you improve your teeth’ health and appearance.

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Some of Our Dental Treatment Services

Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental caters to Cosmetic Dentistry Patients with premium digital cosmetic dentistry. We provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. As a professional cosmetic dentist, Dr. Johnson uses modern digital dentistry solutions and technologies to beautify smiles and improve his patients' oral health.