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How Much Does It Cost For A Smile Makeover?

Whether it is misshapen teeth, discolouration, gummy smiles, or chipped teeth, a smile makeover can address the defects and restore your charming smile. Your smile is priceless, but what is the cost of a smile makeover?

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers combine cosmetic dentistry procedures and state-of-the-art protocols to deliver beautiful smiles. This treatment plan can restore, improve, or transform your smile. Innovative dental clinics like Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental use Digital Smile Design (DSD) to customize treatments. With DSD, your smile makeover will strike a balance between smile perfection and authenticity. You get the perfect and authentic smile.

Smile Makeover with Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

How much does it cost to fix your smile?

Smile makeovers are customized to meet the needs of each patient. So, the cost to fix your smile varies depending on cosmetic dentistry procedures included in your custom treatment plan. Here is a breakdown of the cost of smile makeover treatments:

Porcelain veneers:

These porcelain shells cover up defects and flaws on the front side of teeth. Porcelain veneers in Toronto cost range from $1,200 to $1,500 per tooth.

Smile Transformation with Porcelain Veneers and Dental Crown

Dental crowns:

Unlike porcelain veneers, dental crowns cover the entire tooth. On average, porcelain crowns in Toronto cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per tooth.

Smile Design with Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

Tooth whitening:

You can whiten your teeth at home using hydrogen peroxides. However, at-home teeth whitening products can damage teeth enamel and cause teeth sensitivity. In-office peroxide-based systems are more effective and cost only $400-$600. Dental clinics like Toronto Smile Design also offer Zoom teeth whitening for $600-$1,000.

Dental implants:

These replacement teeth can restore function and aesthetics. Dental implants in Toronto cost between $1.800 and $2.000. It is more expensive and complex than other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Smile Transformation with Dental Implants and Implant-Supported Bridges

Tooth bonding:

This dental treatment uses tooth-coloured composite resins to repair damaged teeth. Like porcelain veneers, dental bonding can restore stained, discoloured, chipped, or cracked teeth. Teeth bonding costs $400-$600 per tooth, so it is cheaper than dental veneers.

Gum contouring:

If you have a gummy smile, you’ll need gum contouring to fix it. On average, gum contouring in Canada costs between $50 and $350 per tooth.

Smile Design with Porcelain Veneers and Crown Lengthening

To determine how much it will cost to fix your smile, add up the price of each smile makeover procedure. If your makeover requires full-mouth reconstruction, your Toronto cosmetic dentist will combine several treatment options. This dental makeover will cost you more than teeth whitening or veneering. But patients can achieve the perfect smile for less than $5,000.

How much does digital smile design cost?

Cosmetic dentists use Digital Smile Design to plan cosmetic dental procedures and customize treatments for each patient. This planning tool uses advanced technologies to enhance diagnostic vision and improve the outcome of smile makeovers. Your Toronto cosmetic dentist will acquire documentation like videos, X-rays, and photographs. Then, they’ll feed gathered information into DSD software to visualize critical that define your smile and create a plan. Dental treatments to fix your smile influence the cost of Digital Smile Design. To determine how much your smile design will cost, please contact our dental office today.

How long does it take to get perfect teeth?

The timeline varies depending on cosmetic dental procedures included in your custom treatment plan. Cosmetic imperfections and defects on your teeth will also influence the timeline.

Stained or discolored teeth:

Your Toronto cosmetic dentist will recommend porcelain veneers or teeth whitening to address stained or discolored teeth. Teeth whitening products can whiten your teeth in 30 minutes, while Zoom teeth whitening delivers whiter teeth in 45-60 minutes. Veneering takes longer than teeth whitening treatments.

Chipped or cracked teeth:

If your tooth is chipped or cracked, you’ll need either dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns. Tooth bonding can prevent further damage and improve oral health. It will give you perfect teeth quicker than porcelain veneers and dental crowns. However, porcelain mimics natural teeth better than composite resins.

Misshapen teeth:

Porcelain veneers and dental crowns can give you perfectly shaped teeth within one day or a few weeks. But dental crowns cover the entire tooth, making it ideal for addressing misshapen teeth. Both cosmetic dentistry procedures deliver the perfect teeth and smile.

Short teeth:

Excessive gum can make your teeth look shorter, causing a gummy smile. Laser gum contouring can remove excess gum tissue, lengthen teeth crowns, and improve your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Toronto can also use porcelain crowns or dental veneers to increase teeth size. Gum reshaping takes longer healing time than fabrication of dental veneers to deliver the perfect teeth and smile.

Broken teeth:

The extent of the damage will determine the ideal smile makeover procedure and timeline. If your tooth is irreparable, you may need dental implants to replace it. This procedure involves tooth extraction and surgical placement of titanium implants. You’ll wait around 4 months for osseointegration to occur before you get brand new replacement teeth. But it takes longer if you need a bone graft before implantation.

So, how long does it take to get nice teeth? Add up the timeline of smile makeover procedures included in your treatment plan. Additional dental care routines like root canal treatment can increase the timeline. In most cases, patients achieve the desired outcome using porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, and teeth bonding.

How do celebrities fix their teeth?

Most celebrities use porcelain crowns to fix their teeth. Julia Roberts’ smile is famous globally, thanks to porcelain veneers. This smile makeover procedure can reshape your teeth, cover up chips, cracks, stains, and other visible defects, and improve your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Toronto can use porcelain veneers to give you a Hollywood smile. Some celebrities also use dental crowns to improve the shape, size, and colour of their teeth. Toronto Smile Design uses DSD, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and other smile makeover procedures to deliver perfect teeth and beautiful smiles.

How long does a smile makeover last?

The lifespan of smile makeovers is influenced by several factors, including oral health, habits, and aftercare. Dental procedures used in your treatment process will also determine how long you’ll keep your smile makeover. Teeth bonding is replaced every 5-10 years, while professional teeth whitening treatments last for 1-2 years. Dental veneers and crowns have a lifespan of about 10 years. Oral diseases and habits like drinking red wine and smoking can reduce their lifespan. If you maintain good oral health and dental hygiene, your porcelain veneer can last 15-20 years. You can rely on Toronto Smile Design to get a long-lasting smile makeover.

Smile Transformation with Crown Lengthening and Porcelain Veneers

Why Toronto Smile Design for Smile Makeover?

Toronto Smile Design’s Dr. Johnson Ozgur is a Toronto Dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery. He is a DSD Instructor and a specialist in smile makeover procedures, including dental implants, porcelain veneers, gum contouring, teeth whitening, full mouth reconstruction, ceramic crowns, and more. To get the perfect and long-lasting smile makeover, please contact our dental office today!

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