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Toronto Dental Implants: Procedure, Cost, Types

Getting dental implants is a great way to improve your smile. It is effective even for people who have lost all their teeth.

The titanium post goes into the jaw bone and for the next several weeks you witness the process of osseointegration. Osseointegration is when you have new bone growing around the titanium post. Dental implants are put inside and wired into the jawbone to anchor themselves in place permanently.

An implant can give you a perfect smile that you've always wanted.

Dental Implants

There are many reasons for getting dental implants, whether you lose teeth due to injury, disease, or aging.

However, most people don't realize it is also used for other reasons, such as improving your facial profile. It is also used for correcting malocclusion.

In fact, 64% of Canadians suffer from tooth loss. Injury, periodontal disease, and tooth decay are the main durable base that will last are needed or wanted. Dental implants are also one of the safest procedures to have done for your smile.

Dental Implant Uses

The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration. Dental implants promote a healthy jaw, bone structure, and gums. This is strong enough to hold your teeth securely in place while also being a process that lasts for many years.

Any adjacent dental implants don't require your healthy natural teeth from being drilled down. This is often the case when you are having any kind of dental procedure on damaged or missing teeth.

Kinds of Dental Implants

There are various types of dental implants to choose from. The most common type is actually the simplest form. It's referred to as a single crown and it is just like it sounds.

It is a tooth replacement anchored on one side into your jawbone. A more complicated option is also referred to as a sandwich implant denture (SDI). This is where you have two or three implants anchoring an artificial tooth.

The anchor is on each side of your mouth. This way, you can have multiple artificial teeth anchored in your mouth without having to use dentures.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are placed into your jawbone in a surgical procedure that takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It is done on an outpatient basis, with the placement of your implants usually lasting for 1 to 3 years. The procedure begins by making a small incision in the gum just around the teeth you want to replace.

A local anesthetic is used for this, and then a small drill bit is used to make the hole. This is always done under local anesthesia, which means you feel hardly anything during this procedure.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Not only are dental implants safe, but the benefits of getting dental implants last for years. This also means they require relatively few visits to the dentist, which saves you time and expense getting temporary dental procedures. You want to check out what a dental implant can add to your life as soon as you can.

How to Get Dental Implants

Reach out to Toronto Smile Design - Yorkville Dental when you're ready to find out more about dental implants. That way, you can have your permanent tooth replacement in place before much more bone is lost in your mouth. Dental implants are a great way to ensure that you always have a great-looking smile and functional bite.

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