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Teeth Whitening in Toronto - Perfect Smile with Zoom!®

No one wants to settle for average when they can get the best. This human nature applies to all aspects of life, including your smile. Zoom teeth whitening delivers beautiful, whiter smiles.

What is Zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses laser treatment to whiten teeth. It combines a laser known as Zoom light with hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gels to remove stains and discoloration on teeth. This teeth whitening process is performed in dental offices by qualified professionals. It goes beyond removing surface stains to include deep-set discoloration of teeth enamel. Your Toronto dentist can also use Zoom teeth whitening to whiten yellow teeth and brighten your smile. This in-office procedure delivers whiter teeth within 45-60 minutes.

Toronto Teeth Whitening

Here is everything you need to know about Zoom teeth whitening.

What is the best teeth whitening method?

When it comes to teeth whitening, you can either use at-home kits or in-office teeth whitening. At-home teeth whitening products include whitening toothpaste and strips. Hydrogen peroxide in brown bottles or peroxide-based whitening systems can also help you whiten your teeth at home. However, unsupervised use of bleaching agents can lead to tooth loss and expose you to several risks. If you have teeth cavities, hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the enamel and reach the pulp. Getting your teeth whitened in a dental office eliminates this risk. Your dentist will treat teeth cavities before teeth whitening and use different strategies to prevent cavities in the future. Professional teeth whitening is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth.

Is Zoom teeth whitening the best?

Yes. Zoom teeth whitening is more effective than whitening toothpaste, strips, and other at-home teeth whitening products. It can whiten discoloured teeth and deliver results faster than peroxide-based whitening systems and laser teeth whitening. With Zoom, you get whiter teeth and smile in less than an hour. It provides longest-lasting teeth whitening.

Is Zoom Whitening expensive?

Zoom teeth whitening is better than other in-office treatments, and it is slightly more expensive. On average, Zoom teeth whitening in Toronto cost between $600 and $1,000. For comparison, in-office peroxide-based teeth whitening costs around $400-$600. But Zoom teeth whitening lasts longer, so it is cost-effective in the long run. Unfortunately, dental insurance plans don’t cover teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Teeth Whitening in Toronto

How Dentists Create Whiter Smiles with Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom and laser teeth whitening procedures are similar except for a few steps. Both lighten teeth using light and hydrogen peroxide gels as bleaching agents. But how does Zoom teeth whitening create whiter smiles?

Step 1: Consultation and examination.

Your Toronto dentist will examine your teeth and gums. Then, you’ll consult with your dentist about the best teeth whitening process to give you whiter teeth. If you're suffering from periodontal disease, your Toronto dentist will treat it before professional teeth whitening.

Step 2: Teeth Cleaning.

Plaque, tartar, and food particles can undermine the effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments. Your Toronto cosmetic dentist will perform thorough and professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth before Zoom whitening.

Teeth Cleaning before Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Step 3: Protective measures.

Your Toronto dentist will dry your mouth and place a retractor to protect your lips and gums from the laser. These braces will keep your mouth wide open, enhance comfort, and minimize tooth sensitivity during the teeth whitening process. They’ll also apply gum coating to protect soft gum tissues and provide protective glasses to shield your eyes from UV rays.

Step 4: Application of whitening gel.

Your Toronto dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. This whitening gel remains in place for about 15 minutes to break down stains on your teeth.

Step 5: Zoom Teeth Whitening!

In this step, your cosmetic dentist directs light emitted by a Zoom lamp to specific gel-covered areas on your tooth’s surface. When hydrogen peroxide gel is exposed to Zoom light, it breaks down and emits oxygen. It also increases the temperature and catalyzes the formation of free radicals. Then, the oxygen and free radicals penetrate and bleach teeth enamel.

This procedure consists of three 15-minute sessions. Your Toronto dentist removes the gel from the previous session and then applies fresh gel before exposing it to Zoom light. In most cases, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure takes around 45-60 minutes.

How soon after Zoom whitening can I eat?

After 24-72 hours, you can resume a healthy diet. Avoid strong spices and dark-coloured foods and drinks that can irritate sensitive teeth or re-stain your pearly whites. The best strategy is to eat a white diet like plain yogurt, white rice, chicken, and whitefish for 2-3 weeks.

Do teeth continue to whiten after zoom?

Zoom teeth whitening removes stains on your teeth, increasing the enamel’s translucency. Cleaner teeth enamel can show the dentin inside your teeth. But why do teeth look yellow after Zoom? Well, dentin gives your whitened teeth a yellowish tint. This treatment also uses hydrogen peroxide gel, which strips a thin layer of the tooth enamel. Thinner enamel is more translucent in natural light and displays the dentin’s yellowish colour. But the stripped layer regenerates within a short period. So, your teeth will look whiter as the enamel thickens. During this period, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to reduce teeth sensitivity.

How long do professionally whitened teeth last?

It depends on several factors, such as your habits and the type of teeth whitening treatment. Zoom teeth whitening can last between 12 and 24 months. If you're a smoker and love to chew gum, you can lose your pearly whites within a shorter period. To keep your white teeth and beautiful smile, maintain good oral hygiene and avoid bad habits.

How often should you do zoom teeth whitening?

Too much of any dental care procedure can do more damage than good. This principle also applies to teeth whitening. Zoom whitening treatments expose your teeth to laser and hydrogen peroxide gels, which can strip enamel. Don’t do Zoom teeth whitening more than once a year. The best strategy is to schedule tooth whitening every 12-24 months.

Dental clinics like Toronto Smile Design provide custom at-home tray-liners with special gels to whiten your teeth at home and reduce tooth sensitivity. To get whiter teeth quickly and safely, choose the right dental clinic for Zoom teeth whitening.

Why Toronto Smile Design for Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Johnson Ozgur is a Toronto Dentist with a Master's Degree in Oral Surgery. He is experienced in Cosmetic Dentistry, including Zoom teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth cleaning, dental implants, and more. For whiter teeth and beautiful smiles, contact us today!

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