Smile Design Cases

Case 3

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In the Smile Design process, every single patient needs an individualized design and treatment plan. The need for this variety comes from different necessities, complaints and demands. 


This patient requested a Smile Design consult. In the consult, she told me that while she was at University, she visited a Dentist in her town for closing gaps between her anterior teeth. Her Dentist decided to provide eight crowns, where she needed six in the first place. This wrong decision caused huge irritation on periodontal tissues. Additionally, the result wasn't satisfying esthetically. The patient was insecure about her appearance. I offered her nothing but excellent treatment planning. 

Veneer Toronto - Pre op - Smile Design -
Veneer Toronto - Pre op - Before Intraor

With ideal proportional measurements, I was able to provide her six crowns instead of eight. By ensuring that, I released papillas and soft tissue healed itself. Proportions, surface textures and shades are better now. Of course, I would want to see her first and prevent that awful treatment with an orthodontic and restorative treatment plan, but in the end, I saw the sparkles in her eyes... That makes me happy.

Veneer Toronto - Pre op - Before Portre



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