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This patient was one of the live demo models from my Digital Smile Design Courses in Hilton Bosphorus Hilton on Feb 2017. 
The biggest issue planning a live case in front of thirty dental professionals is to be ready for endless possibilities. Seeing the patient for the first time in the course venue has always kept the magic alive, but at the same time, it has contained a risk factor. What if the patient is not suitable for dental mock-up? What if the wax-up is not good enough to impress both the patient and the audience of my course.
Regardless of possible complications, I don't examine the patient before seeing her in the course venue. The reason behind this is maintaining the element of suprise. I have been trying to prove my point to my course participants. Nearly 80% of all patients are suitable for a beautiful mock-up. I want them to see how I design a case, and also I want them to participate in the decision-making process of the Digital Smile Design.

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Drawing lines has never been a talent. The real skill is to decide why to draw those lines to specific areas. In other words, we need to construct a solid treatment plan which can be implementable. That's is why I've always tried to teach my participants how to make reliable decisions. 


In this case, there were two missing lateral-incisors. Canines were in the places' of the missing teeth. These types of problems are more frequent than most people think. The primary decision on this case is whether to restore these canines as laterals or use orthodontics to replace canines to where they are supposed to be.

Restoring a canine as a lateral incisor has multiple adverse outcomes, such as losing a tremendous amount of enamel. To mimic the morphology of a smaller tooth with a more prominent tooth always cause loss of valuable tooth structure. That's why I want to offer the patient to use orthodontics to change the precious canines to their original place in a patient's mouth. 

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